Custom GIS Mapping Solutions

Custom GIS Mapping Solutions

We help businesses take their analysis from the charts and graphs to another level through the use of an integrated data map.
Web Mapping for All Industries – We can relay any kind of information related to your industry over digital maps.

Here are some examples of industries that use GIS:

Supply Chain Management


Forestry and Timber

Urban Planning


Health and Human Services

Environmental Services

Local Government







Financial Services

Here are some examples of industries that use GIS:


Fully Customized for Deeper Insights

Topstone Solutions provide customized solutions aligning with your needs. You can supplement your maps with additional information with sidebars and navigation. Complete control over data popups – embed rich content such as links, images, videos, and charts.


Visualize actionable insights

Transform your data into powerful visualizations that reveal patterns and insights locked within. Let’s you create attractive interactive maps and share them with anyone, anywhere — on any device.


Your Map, Your Brand

Instill trust with full brand integration – your logo, your colour scheme, your domain name. Localize your map’s interface to suit your terminology or language.


Converting Drone Imagery and Orthomosaics to Map Tiles

We can convert your aerial images (like GeoTIFF or BigTIFF images) to map tiles and lay over an interactive map as a layer.

Some examples of map types your business may need are:

Choropleth maps

A choropleth map is a thematic map where geographic regions are coloured, shaded, or patterned concerning a value.

Heat maps

A heat map represents the intensity of an incident’s occurrence within a dataset.

Proportional symbol maps

A proportional symbol map can represent data tied to a specific geographical point or data that is aggregated to a point from a wider area.

Dot density maps

A dot density map uses a dot to represent a feature or attribute in your data.

Animated time-series maps

You can transform any of the visualizations into an animated time-series map.

Storytelling Maps

We can create storytelling maps your business may need.Some examples include;
• Campus guide,
• Map of real estates for sale…

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