Training Record Management

The Training Record Management System makes it possible to:

• Manage online classroom, and third-party records
• Quickly identify training that has not yet been completed
• Designate approved courses and training providers
• Create a training matrix that specifies mandatory recommended, and location-specific training for different company roles



Auto-Assign Training

Through the use of the training matrix, configure the system to automatically assign online courses when training records expire.

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Training Matrix Integration

Instantly update training gap reporting for each location or region by allowing uploaded training records to satisfy company training requirements.


Mobile Friendly

Access employee training record details from any smartphone, iPad, or internet-ready mobile device.


Scheduled Excel Reports

Schedule the delivery of automated monthly, weekly, or daily emails containing detailed excel reports to supervisors and managers, letting them know what training is expiring when and for whom.



Upload thousands of training records directly into the system using excel, then use the innovative drag-and-drop technology to quickly import images of certificates making the setup process easy.

The Training Record Management System comprises three main tabs:

Training RecordsTab

The Training Records tab allows Admins to Access and interacts with training records.

Training MatrixTab

The Training Matrix tab is the page in the Training Record Management System that can be used to create self-designated company roles and training topics.

Training Providers Tab

The Training Providers tab displays a list of all training companies that have been added to the system. From this tab, it is possible to add training providers that are not on the list and add any training courses they offer.

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