Worksite Orientation and Training

What is Worksite Orientation?

It is a preliminary procedure in which a new employee gets acquainted with the roles, teammates, work environments and work areas.

Why Worksite Orientation?

Effective site orientations enable new employees to understand your company culture, values, policies and procedures, and a better comprehension of their new role’s expectations.

Who needs Worksite Orientation?

• All staff employees
• Part-time/full-time workers
• Summer workers
• Seasonal workers, etc.

When needs orientation?

• Anyone joins the organization or new for the running task
• Anyone joins the organization or new for the running task
• New equipment put into service
• Errors in within the process are detected
• Work tasks change, interrupt or not frequent
• Safety precautions are neglected
• Manager’s priorities are changed

Benefits of Online Orientation and Training


It saves money, which means you can introduce new hires without paying any instructor or worker.


It saves time, means without any disturbance employee can easily get an introductory online session.


Teach & track new hires or existing employees to see where they are.


It offers consistent, reliable training to one individual or thousands of people instantly and at the same time.

Additional Tools


Document Management Integration

Our integrated document management technology makes it possible for new hires to upload all of their required documentation directly to the course during their online orientation


Virtual Proctoring

To ensure that the orientation and testing are completed by the right person, our system offers virtual proctoring services.

Online Orientation Tips


The first section of your orientation should be a thorough introduction to your company, the key people within it, and the job that lies ahead.

Set Learning Goals

State the learning objectives of each section at the beginning, and then restate them at the end.

Direct Access to Online Resources

It gives your new hires immediate access to important information, which they can later reference from anywhere they can access their profile – including their mobile devices.

Keep it simple

Orientation is a critical part of onboarding, so you must make your training concise, clear, and straightforward.


Easily Build Your Online Orientation

With our orientation and course building engine, you can make your course more dynamic with:

-HTML5 Activities

You can even upload photos and videos of your work sites directly into your orientations using your mobile device.

Use Our Online Safety Courses

Through the hundreds of online courses covering defensive driving, wilderness awareness, equipment safety, first-aid training, and more can be accessed on-demand on a pay-per-use basis.

Let us Create Orientation and Training Programs For You

We can create effective and clear online custom orientation that provides an optimal employee experience.

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